TSC changing rooms accommodation

Oosterhout | Warandelaan


The new sports complex of FC TSC is located in a leafy, green environment in Oosterhout. As a result of a rearrangement and revitalisation of the pitches and the outdated state of the club building and the changing rooms, it became necessary to design a new club building. On a small strip between the main pitch and the side pitches, room was created for the new accommodation. The plan consists of a two-layer building with changing rooms on the ground floor, and a canteen and roof terrace on the first. Because of its location, the building is elongated and oriented towards the nearby pitches. The old grandstand, which was removed after the rearrangement of the pitches, has been restored by integrating it into the design of the building. An elevated square, where the main entrance of the building is located, forms an extension to the grandstand. A monumental staircase leads up to the roof terrace and the entrance to the canteen. From this roof terrace one has a wonderful view of the entire sports complex. The changing rooms, which can be accessed via a central corridor, are located on the ground floor. The building has a monolithic character due to the use of elongated concrete blocks. These blocks subtly vary in colour from light grey to dark grey, giving the plinth of the building a natural stone-like look with a lively character. The logo of the club has been integrated into this brickwork. The use of the elongated blocks in the central corridor enhances the monolithic character of the plinth. A large overhanging roof with a fully transparent facade underneath accommodates the canteen and other functions, such as the boardroom, the sponsor home and the match secretariat.


Municipality of Oosterhout


Van Boxsel Engineering, WHR installatieadvies


Bouwgroep Moonen