De Contreie sports centre

Oosterhout | Weststadweg 1


The De Contreie sports park, located between Oosterhout and Den Hout, is an important sports facility for the Municipality of Oosterhout. The principal users of the complex are FC Oosterhout and handball club OHC. Additionally, the building offers the possibility for many social activities, but also serves as a catering facility for nature lovers and passers-by. The green, scenic environment is largely determined by the ecological connecting zone and therefore served as a point of departure for the design of the sports centre. Embedded in a natural, green body of a dike, a large part of the building is hidden from view and does not set itself apart in confrontational, flamboyant architecture, but is rather light and transparent and therefore naturally fits in the landscape. A large overhanging roof sets the character of the building that is sustainable in every respect. Not only do technical solutions such as solar collectors for hot water, photovoltaic cells to generate electricity, heat recovery from the shower water, air treatment and LED lighting contribute to the client’s sustainability ambition, but the use of sustainable materials and the embedding in the landscape as well.


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