University Utrecht library city centre phase 2

Utrecht | Drift 27


The programme required eight hundred (study) workplaces. The spatial translation of these places was determined by their requirements – – relaxing, informal contacts and concentrated work, meetings – resulting in spaces being either open or more closed, light or dark, intimate or public. This has led to a range of atmospheres; from places required for the highest levels of concentration to very relaxing lounge areas. The open collection mainly contains individual study spaces at the windows. This allows for relaxed, yet concentrated work in daylight. The communal study spaces, on the other hand, ask for more interaction, which is why they were created in the open spaces around the atriums. The instruction rooms and group-related workplaces are housed in closed rooms deeper in the building. Lounge areas can be found in a number of special places, such as in the characteristic attic. Architecture and functionality converge in a very natural way. The rooms and all objects in those rooms, such as counters, reading tables, light fittings, consultation spots, wall units and lounge sofas have been designed harmoniously. Each workplace in the building is equipped with all technical provisions required for the corresponding activities.


Utrecht University


DHV, HE Adviseurs, LBP


BAM Utiliteitsbouw