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The former hose tower stands in the middle of the site of the former fire station, where – as a result of a new development – room is being offered to accommodate the creative industry. The location will be given a campus-like character within which the hose tower plays a central role as a striking landmark. The renovation of the tower and the new construction of the pavilion are geared to the needs of the firm, which on the one hand consist of a general workspace where the employees do their work, and on the other hand of specific rooms to receive guests, give presentations, have meetings and work in isolation. The rooms are strictly separated from each other by a transparent dividing element, where the entrance to the office is also located. The parking is underneath the wood-panelled and elevated pavilion. This ties in with the park-like and open environment. The first floor offers a beautiful view of the site with monumental trees. Nothing in the rooms reminds one of a stereotypical office building. High, fixed ceilings, cove lighting and carefully detailed office furniture give the office a degree of serenity and tranquillity. Restrained detailing contributes to the pure appearance of the object. The rooms in the tower have a similar level of finish. Here too, however, the old shell of the tower, with its bricked-in steel construction, plays an important part in the amenity value of the rooms. The rooms can be accessed via a steel staircase, which in five flights leads to the upper room: the meeting room with a panoramic view of Breda. This archetypical room literally follows the contour of the new superstructure and is about nine metres high at its highest point.


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