house P



House P is situated in a spacious, green housing estate in Dordrecht. It has an unobstructed view of a canal and the meadows on the other side of the canal. The existing bungalow dates from 1968 and is raised slightly above street level, which benefits the privacy and enhances the view. In the past decade, the house has been thoroughly refurbished, causing much damage to the original simple yet strong design. The extensions, bay windows, varying rooflines and new window layouts create an inharmonious facade. In addition, the dimensions and relations of the rooms in the house are no longer in proportion to each other. The design has two key points of departure/principles: encompassing all functions and rooms within one single, all-enveloping framework, and creating a continuous room to bring openness and light into the house. Floors, walls and ceilings run on and are light in colour. Rooms are separated by freestanding supporting walls and wall units. Passage doors are all-glass pivoting doors. The front to the terrace fills the entire façade and can be opened for the most part. This has restored the important relation between the house, the terrace and the garden. The house has been plastered completely and the frameworks consist of vertical wooden parts oiled white, and aluminium fronts.




R2 constructieadviesbureau, SIA


Krijgsman Bouw