bridges for slow-moving traffic at Singel

Breda | Claudius Prinsenlaan


The reconstruction of Claudius Prinsenlaan in Breda was among the first infrastructural changes in the town centre. The bridge at the beginning of this avenue could no longer cope with the current and future traffic volumes. In order to relieve this bridge, two additional bridges for mopeds, cyclists and pedestrians have been included in the civil engineering plan. In an effort to make both elementary and stimulating bridges, two slender bridges were constructed. These bridges – parallel to the heavy and massive existing bridge – form razor-sharp lines across the water: no extravagant details, no attention-seeking constructions, but two restrained bridges that appear to float across the Singel. The expression of each bridge is determined in its construction. In this design, the constructions are covered with perforated cladding on all sides, which, depending on the time of day and the light, reveals its spinal structure. During the day, the light shines through the road surface and shows the bridges’ transparency in their reflection on the water. In the evening the bridges are lit from within, turning the bridges into lighting elements for their surroundings and for themselves.


Municipality of Breda


Van Boxsel Engineering, adviesbureau APCON


Ippel Nieuwendijk B.V. ism Constructiebedrijf Hillebrand B.V.