pavilion for Roosen

Dongen | Procureurweg


The garden pavilion for Roosen Tuinregie is situated in the open landscape between Dongen and Dongen-Vaart. The pavilion forms the centre of a chain of model gardens designed and realised by several landscape architects and horticulturists. As the pavilion takes up a central position in the overall plan, it directs and informs the visitors. The relation between the garden and the pavilion is optimal, because the building has a large transparency on the side facing the gardens. Because of its oval shape, the glass reflects the gardens in varying and surprising ways. The amply overhanging roof, the fragility and the relative, low aspect of the pavilion allow the building to naturally blend into the landscape.

winner of the 2003 Noord-Brabant Welstandsprijs [Building Aesthetics Award]


Roosen Tuinregie


Van Boxsel engineering


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