bridges on Lange Hilleweg

Rotterdam | Lange Hilleweg


The ambition of the development plan for two sets of two bridges across the Singel is aimed at improving its spatial character and its recreational use. As the bridges have been shaped as an elongated green strip, a pleasant contrast is created with the built-up adjacent neighbourhoods of Bloemhof. The addition of two pedestrian bridges and two road bridges provides a dense walking area along and across the Singel. The concept of the bridges is based on creating the most elementary connection between the two banks. By placing the bridges across the Singel like thin boards, the elongated nature of the canal area remains intact and the bridges are subordinate to the Singel in the hierarchy with the Singel structure. A razor-sharp edge, the extension of the road surface to the edge of the embankment and the slight lift of the bridges in relation to the profile give them a floating character. In the evening, this character is enhanced by illuminating their underside. The bridges are made of light-grey concrete. The road surface is covered by a silver-grey antiskid top layer of natural stone granules. The railing is of varnished teakwood, in which continuous LED lighting has been inserted. Silver grey-strip steel railings have been mounted on to the road bed.


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