Renovation officefloor courthouse The Hague

Den Haag


The Palace of Justice is situated on the edge of downtown The Hague, at the entrance to the city along the A12.
The current situation was a closed, introverted, dated office floor. The dark office rooms have no relation to the common areas. The new users asked for transparency and flexibility in the design; a sober and functional design with a warm and presentable appearance.
The design is totally focused on bringing air and light into the building and optimizing the transparency in order to maximize the orientation towards the city. The clear, existing structure of concrete columns, the core with facilities and the horizontal windows is used as a main starting point of the design. To achieve consistency in the core, the walls are cladded with vertical lined timber. All of the walls perpendicular to the core are closed. All of the walls which are parallel to the core are transparent and provided with vertical slats to regulate the privacy in the office spaces without losing the relationship to the common areas. We have chosen a consistent, durable floor with a special effect under the influence of the horizontal daylight.


DWA, Smits van Burgst Raadgevend Ingenieursbureau bv


Jurriens Bouwbedrijf