Aartsenfruit office building

Breda | Heilaarstraat


Aartsenfruit is a leading import and export company offering a complete vegetable and fruit package from all parts of the world. It is a long-standing family business, forced to expand the site and buildings time and again, due to the expansive growth in the eighties and nineties. The farm, dating from the early years of its existence, is located on the edge of the large site and has a representation value for Aartsenfruit, which is why the new office building has been clearly linked to the existing one. The position of the new office was selected carefully, resulting in a park-like setting for the farm and the pavilion, and a number of valuable trees having been maintained. As a building it represents the modern times and way of working in the company: clear, open, fresh, tight, business-like, and with a great sense for quality down to the smallest detail in the interior. A wooden walkway connects the farm with the new building and also acts as a link between the two departments: the commercial department in the new building and the accounts department in the farm. The new entrance is located centrally, at the intersection. Nothing in the rooms reminds one of a stereotypical office building. A tranquil atmosphere has been created in the office, with high, fixed ceilings, parquet floors, light net curtains and carefully selected office furniture. Large expanses of glass make the building transparent, and maximise the relationship with the surrounding landscape. The specially oiled wood in front refers to the ever-present pallets, on which the fruit is stored. The restrained detailing contributes to the pure appearance of the object.

3rdprize Architectuurprijs Breda 2008
nominated by the BNA as Building of the Year 2005






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