house O



House O is located in a well-established green and exclusive residential area in Breda and dates from the Sixties. Because of its orientation towards the sun, the noise coming from the Willem van Oranjelaan and the municipal terms and conditions, the main volume is positioned at the far end of the plot. Large glass surfaces and a level crossing from the ground floor to ground level ensure an optimal experience of the external space. The overhang of the facade and the eaves on the east and south orientation prevent excessive incidence of sunlight. The ground floor can be characterised as an open room in which massive volumes ensure further articulation. All rooms on the ground floor flow into each other, with the entrance hall, situated at the rear of the plot, doubling as gallery. The bedrooms and library In the more closed superstructure are linked to the ground floor by means of a mezzanine. Essential to the plan are the daylight and the outdoor experience, constantly invoked by the sightlines when moving through the house.




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