house KvD



House KvD is situated in a wooded area in Teteringen, near Breda. The clients wanted a house in which they could fully enjoy the green surroundings. This ambition determined the concept of the house: a house that settles itself between the trees and in which moving about constantly offers a surprising view of the surroundings. The square-shaped volume enables a continuous route through the house, ensuring constant contact with the exterior. The square, partly resting on columns, encloses an open court. The entrance of the house is situated in this court, as a result of which one enters the house in its centre. The living rooms can be found on the ground floor; the bedrooms have been raised and fitted with band windows. The frames filter the sunlight and give a beautiful cut-out of the woods. At the same time, they enhance the sculptural character of the house. Finely sawn preserved pinewood, stained black, has been selected for the façade cladding. The restrained detailing combined with form and choice of material make the house a contemporary and suitable presence in its wooded surroundings.

BNA nomination Building of the Year 2010




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