waterhouses at Nieuw Wolfslaar

Bavel | Nieuw Wolfslaar


The Nieuw Wolfslaar district stretches out between the sound barrier along the A27 and a small brook called de Bavelsche Leij. The district is divided into three subareas. The southern part is characterised by a thirties-like architecture and a large square block of flats in the open landscape. The midsection of the urban plan is taken up by private plots. The northern section, accommodating the water houses, is characterised by terraced houses in strip parcelling. Five residential blocks in the bed of de Bavelsche Leij are the exception to these terraced houses. The houses follow from the structure of the adjacent neighbourhood, but are slightly turned in relation to each other, resulting in an unconventional position in the landscape. They have been built out of white hand-moulded bricks, giving the buildings a light and transparent character. To compensate for the lack of a garden, the houses have a large terrace facing south, optimising the relation with the surrounding landscape. A bend in the house ensures that the houses face the water and the south. It also gives the house and the outdoor area some privacy and determines the individuality of the house in the block. In addition, the bend creates a surprising spatiality in the house. The parking is in a half-inset basement, which benefits the landscape and the view.

winner of Buitenplaats Nieuw Wolfslaar 2000


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