town houses at Julianalaan

Eindhoven | Julianalaan


The starting point of the plan is a combination of seven spaciously exceptional split-level houses, situated among monumental trees which reduce the noise level of a nearby thoroughfare. The complete residential programme, including a parking space, is contained within 5×12 metres. The absence of a private back garden is compensated by a communal outer court that can be accessed from an elevated terrace. A low-noise indoor patio on the top floor lets daylight into the bedrooms, allowing the façade that is exposed to noise to remain closed for the most part.

winner of the Jonge Architecten Initiatief 1997 [Young Architects’ Initiative 1997]


Breeplan Vastgoed BV


Duisters adviesbureau, Nelissen adviesbureau


Bouwbedrijf Van Breemaat