residential building at Eekhoornstraat

Breda | Eekhoornstraat


The residential building at Eekhoornstraat consists of 48 houses and has been constructed in accordance with the corridor principle, giving the complex a universal character. The houses are oriented sideways, allowing a lot of light to enter the houses. Underneath the building is a half-inset carpark for cars, bicycles and mobility scooters. The building has a colourful appearance due to the canopies in variegated colours. The interior of the corridor and the atrium is spacious by design and has a light and warm feel to it, in that the light reaches far into the corridor and the mezzanine. Artist Yvonne Né has decorated the atrium with drawings and poems.


Laurentius Wonen


Adviesburo Tielemans


Bouwcombinatie Moeskops/winters