residential building at DOK 64

Breda | Markendaalseweg


The building, containing 39 apartments, commercial premises and a fully automated underground carpark, is located on the River Mark. This river was filled in in the sixties, but has now been returned to the city. The building has a special position, as it is the only building in the water. The contours of the building are the result of the desire to bring the only historic building, the armoury, into perspective in this otherwise new context. From an urban development point of view, the building therefore forms the final element of this new development in town. The high-rise building at Markendaalseweg joins the incidental high-rise features that are so characteristic of this street. The building has a number of communal functions. It has a communal roof garden in the sloping section of the roof, and a patio on the ground floor. A wedge-shaped atrium facing south forms the light heart of the building.

Nominated by BNA as Building of the Year 2009 (BNA = Association of Dutch Architects)


HEJA Projectontwikkeling




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