residential building at Beverweg

Breda | Beverweg


The building with 26 starters´ apartments is situated in the Brabantpark district in Breda: a district with an unequivocal character, typified by brick building blocks of the sixties and seventies. The apartment building takes a special position on the corner of the Sint Ignatiusstraat and the Beverweg. The proportion of the building mass originates from the current zoning plan and gives the building a striking and stately appearance. The ground floor has a largely closed facade, behind which the communal rooms are situated. Above the ground floor, where the apartments are situated, the building recedes. In order to realise maximal perception and living comfort, a layout with a sideways orientation was chosen. The bedrooms are located on the low-noise gallery side and the living area and balcony face the street. This layout combined with large glass surfaces results in a light house with a splendid view. The design of the building is characterised by sculptural architecture, with a symbiosis of the various construction volumes ensuring a tactile layering in the facade. The brick facades on the west and south side of the building tie in with the brick architecture of the adjoining rows of houses, allowing the building to act as a corner stone on the street corner. The east front, where the galleries are situated, radiates warmth because of the use of cedar wood and as such, forms a subtle transition between the galleries and the apartments. The layering in the facades, the carefully chosen materials and the refined detailing of brickwork and fencing contribute to a subtle and nuanced facade.


Laurentius Wonen


R2 constructieadviesbureau, Klictet


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