offices and apartments Museum location

Breda | Keizerstraat


Directly adjacent to Breda’s Museum, the new development of an office and an apartment building by architects OMA is incorporated in the urban design. It forms the conclusion of the tooth-like structure of the museum. The addition of the two building blocks is proposed as a principle of layering, both formally and programme-wise. The first layer is an office only 7.20 metres deep and almost eighty metres long. Two underpasses open up the forecourt to the museum and a courtyard. The apartment building is the next layer and – in contrast to the transparent office building – is a rather closed and massive volume, clad with blue stone. The ground floor of fully glazed commercial spaces for the rental market dramatizes the weight of the overhanging superstructure. The position of the block demarcates a public space with monumental trees, which forms the access to the museum square.


Proper Stok projectontwikkeling




Wilma Bouw