houses at Reggestraat

Dongen | Reggestraat


The housing construction at Reggestraat takes up a prominent position at one of the roads leading out of the village of Dongen. The total housing programme consists of 42 houses in three housing blocks, each consisting of eight ground-floor, single-family houses and six rental apartments. The ensemble consists of a fully built-up ground floor and a two-floor staggered superstructure, either facing the street or the garden. Two types of houses have been realised, in which in particular the layout of the ground floors differ. All houses are equipped with an individual heat pump. The fronts consist of a raster of flush-jointed brickwork, alternated by brickwork in which the layers are recessed. The facade openings stretch from floor to ceiling, thus ensuring a maximum incidence of light. The entrance motif is special because of the use of a slender sheet steel canopy and a recessed entrance door.


Housing association Vieya


Ulehake constructie en bouwfysica, Nelissen adviesbureau


Bouwbedrijf OSDO