houses in Kroeten

Breda | Kroeteneiland


The theme of the contest was a challenge to do more than just design the usual semi-detached houses on the 37×60-metre plot, partly because a small number of semis in this location would result in a scattered and unsettled look. The desire for a balanced and uniform look resulted in a reallotment from 9×30 metres to 4.5×60 metres. A meandering brick garden wall surrounds the plots, leaving openings on either side for the entrances to the houses. The wall is covered by a wooden volume of cedar wood. The seven semi-detached houses have a facilities block in which all facilities are housed. By integrating two parking spaces under one carport the total plan is given a uniform look.

2nd prize in the Architectuurprijs Breda 2004 [Breda 2004 Architectural Award]
winner of the 1998 2-under-1 roof Contest


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