houses on Dijklaan

Breda | Dijklaan


The project is the new development of twenty detached houses in a former village street on the edge of the centre of Breda. A released yard is being used as an opportunity for densification in an existing area. The question, which form of courtyard construction best suits its character, is essential. The curved development determines the powerful identity of the courtyard calmly and clearly. At the same time, the circle form is a fitting answer to the situation of the back of the surrounding buildings. A block of five houses in Dijklaan provides a beautiful connection to the existing ribbon development, and contributes to the appropriate privacy of the courtyard behind it. Brick slats covered with white silicate paint determine the rhythm of the curved development and enhance the identification of each unit in the bigger whole. The facade is covered with light grey, oiled wood, giving the courtyard a private and warm interior character, in form, material and texture. The building itself is completely in brick to make the link with the existing buildings.


Wonen Breburg


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