living working caring in Princenhage

Breda | Heilaarstraat


MIXT is a complex of three buildings around a semi-public courtyard. In a context of industrial buildings, traffic and various residential buildings it forms a unifying and tranquil place on which all essential accommodations border. The principal building consists of an office strip with back-to-back apartments and forms a buffer to the adjacent Ettensebaan in Breda. A second block accommodates healthcare apartments. These reflect the presence of a large care centre on the other side of the road. A central corridor provides access to the apartments, which either face the road or the courtyard. All apartments have a large loggia or winter garden. The third block borders on the business park at the back, on the other side of the square, and consists of nine semi-detached urban villas with a living-working concept. The rooms on the ground floor of these houses are eminently suitable as a workspace. The living quarters are on the first floor. Each urban villa has a large indoor terrace facing south-west and a garden at the front, in the courtyard. Indoor parking is provided for at the rear. The inner courtyard is actually the carrier of the plan, in which the experience of a whole is strived for through a uniform choice of materials, dimensions and detailing in the three buildings.


HEJA Projectontwikkeling BV, Laurentius Wonen




bouwgroep Moonen