Rijen Children’s Centre



In the suburbal area of “De Vliegende Vennen” in Rijen the Rijen Children’s Centre is situated between the houses in 30s style and the green outskirts of the village. The L-shaped signature of the building makes an embracing gesture to the green outskirts and to visitors from the village and articulates the outdoor playgrounds for different age categories of the children’s center. Because of its accessible nature, the shape and articulation of the building volume, the building itself merges well into its surroundings. The children’s center is recognizable and iconic through its rural character and natural materials.

The children’s centre houses the Jenaplanschool De Kring with nursery and outside-school-hours day-care, De Kleine Wereld. All groups have acces from ground level or through a gallery on the first floor. .There is no internal circulation area but merely a series of group areas, working areas and the central auditorium. The auditorium is the heart of the building, “the kringelhuis”. The group spaces of the nursery are also compact and integrally designed with the school. All spaces stem from a basic module of 3×3 meter which makes functions interchangeable and makes the building flexible over time.

Simplicity, unity and atmosphere are the main values of the interior in which the children bring color and life. The walls are built in gray brickwork. The floors are made of wood (PVC) and the ceilings are in neutral white or wood. The interior has been designed and integrated with the same materials and colors.

The Rijen Children’s Center is a durable and “compact” building, in which energy loss is kept to a minimum. The building also has a large accumulation capacity by the use of concrete and masonry. The gallery and large overhangs reduce direct sunlight. The power generation takes place by means of an air heat pump of which the energy costs are partially compensated for by the application of high pv cells on the roof.


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