Koolhoven primary school and nursery

Tilburg | Koolhovenlaan


Koolhoven primary school and nursery, Tilburg
commissioned by Kinderstad and Stichting OpMaat (2009)

The starting point of the design for the school and care facilities is the beautiful location in the woods. Engaging the woods and nature in the functions therefore leads the organisation of the plan, which is why all classrooms face north, to allow for large windows without the need for blinds, so the children can fully enjoy nature. The schoolyard simply flows into the woods and an ingenious parking solution ensures that the schoolyard more than doubles in size during school hours. A large protruding volume marks the entrance and contains the gymnasium. The assembly hall featuring a wide staircase forms the heart of the school; during school hours this staircase serves as the key ascent route; during the end-of-the-week sessions, the staircase is used as a gallery. Next to the school, a day-care and an outside-school-hours day-care facility have been designed. In 2009, the complex was extended with offices, a playgroup, six classrooms and an extra outside-school-hours day-care group. In 2012, a second extension was built, increasing the complex’ surface to well over four thousand square metres.


Stichting Opmaat, Kinderstad


R2 adviseurs voor bouwconstructie, Nelissen adviesbureau


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