MFA Galder

Alphen Chaam | St Jacobstraat


This multifunctional accommodation consists of a community centre with a sports canteen, a primary school, an outside-school-hours day-care facility, a playgroup and a day-care centre. The building also contains changing rooms for V.V. Gesta and the existing sports centre. The new building is located on Galder’s approach road, giving it a prominent position in the village. The roof shape is characteristic of the surrounding buildings and makes it possible to limit the footprint of the new development. The village square, located on the street side, continues visually and physically into the new development through the open, glass fronts. At the back a canteen with a spacious terrace offers an attractive view of the sports fields. Structural awnings provide shelter from the sun. The choice for a sedum roof fits in with the sustainable vision of the Municipality of Alphen-Chaam. The new building consists mainly of natural materials in natural tones: wooden façade cladding, wood-wool cement ceilings and fully recyclable floor finishes.


Municipality of Alphen Chaam


R2 constructieadviesbureau, De Blaay en van de Boogaard


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