De Vuurvogel children’s centre

Tilburg | Eikstraat


Primary school De Vuurvogel lies in the centre of Tilburg, with a childcare facility providing outside-school-hours day-care, and the Kinderstad day-care facility. The school has been designed as compactly as possible, because of the limited building space in the middle of the residential are. The places to move and the assembly hall form an open and multifunctional space in the heart of the school, where a large skylight provides daylight to the whole building. The masonry facades have a strong vertical rhythm of slats acting as a filter towards the nearby surrounding buildings. The cantilever gymnasium rests on columns on which the letters DE VUURVOGEL are executed in Stellac Wood. The school is the first project in the Netherlands to have been built as a TNO Frisse school, which aims at reducing energy consumption and improving the indoor environment.

nominated by the BNA as Building of the Year 2012


Stichting Opmaat, Kinderstad


AMB adviesbureau, Sweegers en de Bruin


Vaessen Bouw