Singelveste office

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The Singelveste office is part of a development location near the train tracks to the south-west of the NS railway station, opposite a characteristic neighbourhood. The commission involved the realisation of a building in-keeping with the market for Singelveste housing association. One important requirement was to design a building in which Singelveste could realise its specific requirements, while keeping a large degree of flexibility for the future. This was realised by spanning large open spaces with free floor and ceiling areas. The dimensions of the building were marked off in accordance with a standard office plan in multiples of 1.8 metres, as well as in accordance with the underground car park. The basement is sixteen metres wide, resulting in a pleasant excess in the central zone of the building, now filled with mezzanines, sanitary groups, pantries and sitting accommodations, but which could also be divided by floors. The light space gives the interior a dynamic character, with the option of informal meetings in the heart of the building. The frames with large window surfaces have been divided in such a manner that any future changes in room layout will be possible. In addition to the open character, the building has a solid and massive character. The carefully selected Hilversum-sized brick, the deep recessed windows and pointed bed joint allow the building to fit effortlessly in its location and give it a sustainable and stately allure. The detailing and the use of materials are effective, striking and were selected to retain their beauty over time. Within the budget and the terms of reference, a building has been realised that is more than an office that matches market requirements in terms of allure and use.


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