‘s Heerenhoek residential care complex

's Heerenhoek | Werrilaan


The building consists of 27 apartments, two group houses for patients suffering from dementia, and various supporting care facilities. The scale and nature of the building are new to ‘s Heerenhoek: a larger and higher residential building. In essence, the plan is to properly incorporate the large residential programme in small-scale ‘s Heerenhoek. The design resembles an ensemble of buildings emerging as loose elements, with numerous sight lines, just as there are constantly perspectives wherever you go in the village. The position of the buildings completes the Deken Tomaslaan in a transparent manner and forms a distinct wall in the new schoolyard. Small shifts between the buildings break the volume and mark the entrances. The brick buildings have with solid white wooden window and door frames and thirty-centimetre thick white eaves. The healthcare houses on the ground floor are distinctly marked in the facade by the white band frames. The apartments also distinguish themselves as separate parts in the bigger picture by recessed grouts in the brickwork between the frames. Natural materials have been used in the interior. This contributes to the outdoor experience and the tactility of surfaces, which is important for a healthcare complex.


R&B Wonen, SVRZ


Van Boxsel Engineering, Nelissen Adviesburea


Bouwbedrijf Rijk