residential care complex Oostkapelle

Oostkapelle | Duinweg


In essence, the plan is to carefully incorporate the large programme in Oostkapelle’s small-scale context. The building offers its various users added value with its social and care options. The complex consists of four components varying in position, size and height, connected by a central room in which all functions converge. The clear division reduces the scale of the building to that of its surroundings and generates two courtyards. The principle of an open corridor provides the residents with a communal and sheltered quality of life. This also results in a universal character without the noise of galleries and fire escapes. This is appropriate in a location where the building does not have an actual back. The architecture is suggested in horizontal bands filled with vertical façade sections. Because of the lines and surfaces the building sections are less voluminous and have a pavilion-like appearance. Balconies and awnings form a natural and peaceful component of the façade in this theme.


Marsaki, SVRZ, Woonburg


Van Boxsel Engineering, Intechno adviesburo


Walcherense Bouw Unie