residential care complex in Nieuwsande



The residential care complex in Ovezande is part of the reconstruction of Ovezande’s village centre. The positions of the new buildings contribute to the clear street profiles, the clear defining of a village square and to a sheltered, well-oriented schoolyard. Essential in the design is the incorporation of a relatively large programme in Ovezande’s small-scale context. Slightly sloping roofs naturally tie in with the context of roofed houses and Zeeland barns. The scale of the building has been reduced by dividing the building into four components linked by a foot bridge and a court. Fifteen apartments have been realised on the first floor, which cater to all stages of life and provide access to the court by means of a gallery. The architecture is based on rural characteristics. With a plinth, simple yet meticulous, rural style brickwork and strong white eaves and overhangs, the typologically new building quietly blends into the existing context. The materialisation of the court side contrasts with the brick exterior and evokes an interior atmosphere because of its white plasterwork. A colonnade of columns supports the galleries and determines the court’s enveloping character.


R&B Wonen