Two nominations Building of the year 2010


Grosfeld van der Velde Architecten earned two nominations for the price of Building of the year. In total, 400 plans were judged. In the region south, house KvD in Teteringen was chosen with 5 other plans out of 80 plans. In the region north-west centre, the University library centre Utrecht deserverd with 5 other plans a nomination. On the 22nd of april, the winners were announced: Snelders won in the region NWC with the school building Panta Rhei. In the region South, BO2 architects won with Topsporthal en Schaatsbaan Irene Wust. Grosfeld van der Velde just missed the prices. The judge said the following about this:

Library of Humanities:
“Choosing the winner was no sinecure. The two projects both made a great impression and caused some discussion. One an breath taking and enviable restauration and renovation, the other a town-planning well fitted new building, with an exceedingly fine, light and synoptic space. Both projects are consistent and carefully made, an example for their proficiency and each in their own way socially relevant.
The winner is closely followed by the impressive renovation of the University library centre Utrecht, from Grosfeld van der Velde Architecten. For the judge it is logical, that besides the architect, the building is also made possible by the professional client and constructor.
A enviable and perfect restauration/renovation, in which is searched for the the power en quality of the original buildings. These are found and provided of a new, monumental grandeur. The architects have in a careful but spectacular way, hanged new floors in the monumental fuselage, whereby a new circulation arised and the elegant, steel hanging construction subtle fits in the rythm of the balks. The new program fits smooth in the old buildings. Because the installation package, as well as the existing structures, are made snow white, a serene unity takes shape. The huge sightline – that is set from the entrance to the monumental reading room – and the roof windows, provide a breath taking and light spaciousness. The entire operation is designed in a clever way with the technique, which is proved by the ventilation in the corners of the bookshelfs. The attention and care for details, including the specially designed light armatures, are extraordinary. The working spots at the window, where the bookshelfs provide a buffer to the corridor, seem completely natural. They have daylight, bring vitality to the courtyard and bring at the same time beautiful see throughs. The judge admires this festive, inviting, inspiring and for the vitality of the city important library, in which books and students play themain role. Design and accomplishemt are proof of excellent craftsmanship in all ways.”

House KvD:
“A unique chance: making a contemporary villa for a forest parcel. But the chance is not always utilized. In this case, the assignnment led to an admirable result, with a strong architectural language. With its crossed L-forms, the house is carefully placed in its environment. Because of the one L-form resting on steel pilars, the entrance patio and forest smoothly overflow. The judge is specifically impressed by the walking route in the house, in which you can make a walk from the lower living room and kitchen to the bedrooms on the second floor. Thereby the beautiful variation in spaces and view stand out. The inside is in contact with the outside and by this the landscape can be continuously experienced. The detailing is beautiful and careful. The black stained pine facade fits in its environment. The window above the stairs provives in a subtle way a reflection on the opposite patio wall. The cantilevered eaves filter the sunlight and rim the nature. The entire house proves of control and proficiency.”