Fire station honorable mention Building of the year 2011


The fire station in Teteringen is declared by the judge as ‘honorable mention’ in the election of BNA Building of the year:

“This allround fire station for the voluntarily fire men is an elegant pavilion in the park. Although the place formed a discussion – once the border of the city, now in the middle of a residential area – the semi-lifted station fits in his enviroment well in terms of structure, texture and materialization. The site is carefully chosen, with classrooms and offices orientated on a green view and the industrial hall orientated on the pattern of the road. Besides that, the wooden plating and big glass facades distuingish the utilitarian building and the brick surrounding villas. The interior is modest – a classroom with some offices and an industrial hall – and has some surprisingly beautiful details, like subtle light armatures and the wooden plating, which flows from outside to the inside ceiling. Because of the consistency, the power and the simplicity with which the fire station presents itself in the park, the building deserves according to the judge an honorable mention. ”