DOK 64 nomination Building of the year 2009


Thursday the 9th of april, the BNA Building of the year (region South) awards ceremony took place in Eindhoven. DOK 64 is one of the 6 nominees, out of 81 projects. Paul van den Heuvel eventually was the winner for his pavilion in Rijsbergen.
The judge describes the residential building of Grosfeld van der Velde architecten as following:

“Nice encounter. A very good building, with a beautiful atrium and possibilies for encountering. The judge appreciates that. The building is carefully fitted in a tapered area with a busy street at the front and the new river De Mark at the back. Because of the nice dichotomy in a high and low block, the building suits in the typology of the urban enviroment, in which differences of schale are not unusual. The tough building with tight facades and ribbon shaped holes, is rounded off at the point. Through this, a nice sight line arises to the only old building in the environment: the arsenal. Even the windows are round. There are many other examples of the carefully detailed building.
The judge thinks the cuneiform atrium with airbridges which lead to the apartments is special. This unorthodox solution makes the building playful and exciting. The inhabitants of the 30 apartments can meet here, as well as at the great, nicely constructed, collective terrace at the fourth floor. This terrace lies deep in the green roof of the low building. Because of a hole in the facade, it is visually bounded to the lively waterside.
Parking is no problem, since there are two spots per apartment in an automatized garage. Via the intercom in the building, inhabitants can order their car from a distance or sign up from the car with a remote control.
The judge has admiration for the carefully designed end detailed building, in which many attention is spent to supplies. It is a nice combination of a tough building and Brabants cosiness.”