Selected for new building school Moerbeke (B)


Grosfeld van der Velde Architects is selected with the Antwerp office Boonen Michielsens to build a wide school in Moerbeke, Belgium. Central in the design proposal is the task not to renovate and expand the current school buildings, as well to build a new school. By that, en ensemble of buildings can be realized, that can have a meaning for the entire village in an open and accessible way and that connects in a bright way to existing traffic flows. The plan consists of two building components, that can be build in phases while the current school building is still in use. Clearly restricted are two schoolyards and an amfitheatre as a coherent whole, between the school building and the gym with dining room. The concept for the school building creates chances to experiment with new pedagogic and didactic methods, and motivates to working together and meeting. The ground floor is for the toddlers, the first and second floor are destined for the primary school. The design brings students, teachers and parents together. Halls are minimized and teaching yards and multifunctional meeting spaces are designed. The detached complex with a gym and dining room has a wider function to the entire village and shall be used for other activities after school times. Due to the compactness of the concept and the handling of light, energy thrift is also an important theme. Besides that, the building offers many solutions at the areas of ecology, air quality, accessibility, multifunctionality and extension options. The start of building is planned at the end of 2015.